dsp6019: portable wind-up and solar powered led torch

3 led torch, ideal for camping, hiking, festivals, car breakdown - no batteries required

Take this wind-up torch virtually anywhere!

It's compact size makes it an ideal companion when travelling outdoors. It's Eco friendly energy saving wind-up design means you can finally say goodbye to batteries!

This torch features 3 Powerful LED lights for excellent visibility in darkness. Charging is a breeze via the built-in wind handle which gives approx 60 minutes of lighting time after winding for only 1 minute! Leave the torch in natural sunlight during the day for charging via the built-in solar panels.

The waterproof housing ensures that the torch can be completely submersed in water (up to 5 metres).

Features flashing LED option for emergency purposes.

Before taking a step into the great outdoors be sure to take with you this Re-Wind pocket torch. An essential item for walking, hiking, camping and it's Eco friendly design means you're saving the environment and your pocket!

Size: 147.5 x 61.5 x 45 mm.

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