dsp6025: portable wind-up multi-functional camping led lantern

ideal for outdoor camping, hiking and home use

This camping lantern and torch adopts the principal of cranking for power generation.

10 LED lights for the camping lantern, 5 red flashing LEDs for emergency situations and 3 LEDs when used as a spotlight.

No batteries are required to power, simply wind up using the hand crack when out and about, or you can charge via USB connection to your PC/Laptop with the USB Cable which is provided.

This product can be used as a torch, or as a lantern, so it is very multi-functional, and would make a great accessory during those outdoor trips such as camping or hiking, or simply keeping in the boot of your car.

Fully charged using external power will give you 6 hours of usage. With 1 minute of winding up will give you 15 mins usage as a spotlight, 6 minutes power for the 10 LED lantern, 120 minutes for the 5 LED red flashing lights.

Dimensions are 97 x 186 mm and the weight of the lantern is 320g.

product features:

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