dsp5013: wind-up & solar powered outdoor led lantern with fm radio

ideal accessory for outdoor camping, hiking and home use

Take this wind-up/solar combi lantern virtually anywhere!

It's compact size and multi functional features make it the ideal companion when travelling outdoors. It's Eco friendly energy saving wind-up design means you can finally say goodbye to batteries!

Charge portable electronic products via the DC output/wind action of the lantern (cable supplied).
Compatible with most MP3 players and Mobile Phones.

The soft, non-slip rubberised casing means even in the wettest of weather conditions, you can be assured of a firm grip!

Before taking a step into the great outdoors be sure to take with you this Re-Wind lantern. It's multi function features make it an essential item for walking, hiking, camping and it's Eco friendly design means you're saving the environment and your pocket!

This Wind Up Lantern will give you more than 25 minutes of light from one hour charging, or more than 15 minutes light with 1 minute of winding.

With one minute of winding you will get more than 5 minutes of radio working time, and if you charge the lantern under sunlight you will get more than 4 minutes of radio time.

product features:

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